Simple White and Black Nail Designs

White and black nails design, short nail design, winter nail art, rhinestone nails design. Looking for simple holiday nails? Then this nail art idea is for you! These nails are a simple white and black with one accent nail. The accent nail features gold glitter. The white nails are adorned with rhinestones and black stripes. … Read more

Gorgeous Christmas Nails Design

The christmas and holiday provide lots of inspiration for nail art! Here we have a stylish and glam nails idea. Each of nails has a dfferent design incuding balloons, snowflakes, gold glitter and jewelry design. If you are looking for an gorgeous nail idea for the christmas these nails may be perfect!

Simple White Nails Idea

This manicure looks so elegant and stylish. Here we have simple white nail art to show you. These nails are short nails and square shape nails. All of nails are white and there is one accent nail. The accent nail is white with some rhinestones. The glittery rhinestones looks so chic and elegant. This is … Read more

Matte Dark Green Nail Design

Love green nail design? If so, you need to see this matte green nail idea. Here we have a short square nails. Most of nails are a matte green color, some of the nails are matte green and glossy pink combo with black stripe and rhinestone. One nail is glossy pink with cross black stripes … Read more

Sparkly Coppery Glitter Nail Design

If you love edgy and glam coppery glitter nail design, then this nail design idea is for you! Here we have trendy long coffin nails. One nail features sparkly coppery glitter pink, one nail is ombre coppery glitter. Two nails are white one of nail with rhinestones. It is such a pretty, glitzy and stylish … Read more

White and Pink Ombre Nail Design

If you love pink and white ombre nails, then this nail art idea is for you! Here we have trendy long coffin nails. Each nail has a different design which including dip nails, ombre nails and rhinestone nails. It is such a pretty, glitzy and stylish design. You can find tutorials for ombre online and … Read more

Gorgeous Brown Glitter French Manicure

Pumpkin color is a color for nail art that looks amazing for the autumn! This manicure is a great example of that. For this look, this manicure features white and short coffin nails. Three of nails are pumpkin color with rhinstones and two nails are nude with a glitter V french tip. We love this … Read more

Trendy Marble Nail Design

Looking for a marble nail idea? Then these nails are for you. Here we have long coffin shape nails. Three nails are nude and one of nail is adorned with rhinestones. Two nails are nude with white marble design. As marble nail art is often white, these designs go with almost any color. A design … Read more

White Long Coffin Nails Design for Wedding

This autumn nail idea that we have to show you features bright and beautiful nail art. Here we have a long nails with coffin shape. Some nails are painted in white, one nail is nude with rhinestone, one nail is acoered in gold glitter. This manicure uses white and nude as the main colors. It … Read more

Simple and Elegant French Manicure

If you want a elegant and simple french nails idea then this nail art is for you. Here we have a classy french manicure. These nails are short with square round corners shape. All of nails are pink with classic white tips. One nail on each hand is adorned with small colorful rhinestone. We love … Read more

Blue Glitter and French Nails

If you need a manicure for a special occasion, then this nail art is for you. Here we have a stunning blue glitter and white V shape french tip design. Two nails are covered in blue sequins. Three nails are nude with white tips and each one is also adorned with blue rhinestone. The added … Read more

Leopard and V Shape French Nails

Here we have a leopard and v shape french tips manicure. This manicure features long coffin nails and most of them has different nail art. One nail is leopard print, the next is covered in rhinestone and the next two are nude with black V shape french tip. As you can see, the black shade … Read more