Glitter Blue Gradient Nails

Like the fall nail art? If so, you need to see these nails! Here we have a sparkly blue gradient nails with glitter. As you can see, the glitter really jazzes up the simple manicure. These nails are long with square shape. Each one is painted in black castle. This is a luxurious and stylish … Read more

Pretty Daisy Nails for Spring

Looking for pretty spring nail designs? Then this cute daisy nail idea could be for you. The nails have been painted with a light blue and with cute daisies. Nails like this will look beautiful on anyone, these would also look great for a special occasion. For you next nail design you could choose something … Read more

Cute Daisy Nail Art Ideas

This spring nail idea is chic and stylish. The square shape nails feature blue colors with two accent nails. The accent nails are nude with cute daisy flower design. This is a beautiful nail idea and it would suit anyone. We love this trendy manicure idea. Brighten up your look this spring with vibrant flower … Read more

Abstract Spring flowers Nail Designs

If you are looking for an abstract flower nail design, then our next idea could be perfect for you. Each nail has a different colors including pink, blue and green. And each nail is with flower design. The abstract flower designs are chic, creative and stylish. You can buy flower stickers to help you create … Read more

Daisy and Forget Me Nots Nails Ideas

Daisy Nail Art, Forget Me Nots Nails Design. Here we have a cute spring nails, looks very delicate and pretty. This manicure are blue with cute daisies and Forget Me Nots flowers. Add some sparkle to your look with nails like these. Either way you will have a stylish and pretty manicure for the new … Read more

Blue French Manicure and Flower Nails

Here, we have the stylish spring manicure. For this look, all nails are light pink and some with blue tips, some with blue flowers. On a bright day, the color blue could not be missing. We love this because the nail art is elegant, the blue color creates a pretty springtime effect and the whole … Read more

Simple Blue Spring Nail Art

Blue is a must-have for the spring. These next nails have been painted in a blue. There is also an accent nail that is white with lilac flower pattern. Nails like these are perfect for spring and the design will look great with any nail length.

Long Blue and Pink Nail Art for Christmas

Winter nails idea, Christmas nails design, matte nails design, long nail art, almond nails, pink nail art, snowflake nails. Here, we have an gorgeous Christmas nail idea. For this look, these nails are long and have a almond shape. Three of nails are blue and one of is matte with gold foils and white snowflakes. … Read more

Simple Blue Stripe Nail Design

Fall nail art, blue stripe nail design, milky nails, simple pink nails, minimalist nails, natural nails idea, unique square shape nails. This time we have a blue stripe nails. So for this manicure, the nails are short with a square shape and are a milky shade. Each of nail has one hand-painted blue stripe. This … Read more

Trendy and Cute French Nail Design

Cute nail art, almond nail design, french nail ideas, flower nails design, animal print nails. Here we have a cute nails design. These nails are long and have almond shape. Each nail has a different design which including french manicure, leopard print nails, flower nails, grid nails and more. This is a glitter and glam … Read more

Trendy Fall Nail Design Idea

Look for fall nail art? Then this long nails design is for you. Here we have a trendy nails idea for the autumn. For this look, each nail has a different design which including dark blue nails, red dipping power nails, fall leaf nails and white with fall flowers nails. These nails are long with … Read more

Cute Halloween Nail Art

Maybe ghosts nails design are more your thing? If so, this Halloween nail is perfect for you. This nails are short with square shape. Each nail is nude with blue or white cute small ghost design. It is great combination of cute and chic but also spooky. We love the ghost art because it is … Read more