23 Elegant and Simple Wedding Nail Art

For Wedding, there are many things to thought such as dress and hairstyle. Besides, you also need classy nail art to jazz up your look. Wedding nail art usually use natural or soft colors such as white, nude or pink and there are different nail shapes such square, coffin and almond.

We have found 23 elegant and simple wedding nail art for brides. You will find the classy french manicure, trendy ombre nail ideas, glitter nail design and more. These nail ideas will make you look and on your wedding day.

1.Sparkly Ombre Nail Idea

First up, we have these sparkly long coffin nails. Some nails start with a white and then the color changes to pink. One nail is white and covered in glitter. And some nail is nude.This is such a pretty nail art and it is very glam. A nails like these will be great for weddings.

Sparkly Ombre Nail Idea


2.Elegant French Manicure

French nails is must-have manicure for wedding. If you love simple look the this nail idea is for you. Here we have a short square nail design. All of nails are classy pink with white tips. Pink and white is such a glam color combination. This manicure looks great with a diamond ring.

Elegant French Manicure


3.3D Flower Nail Art

We love the next wedding nails because it is trendy and chic. This is a long coffin nails and most of nails are ombre that are white to nude. There is accent nail that are clear with white 3D flowers design. Each of nail is adorned with diamonds. It is a sparkly nails design.

3D Flower Nail Art


4.Matte Ombre Nails for Bride

Next, we have a short coffin nail idea to show you. As you can see, these nails are start with a white and then the color changes to nude. Every nail is adorend with rhinestones too. It is a simple nail idea and the rhinestone make matte textures looks amazing.

Matte Ombre Nails for Bride


5.Simple White Nail Art

White symbolizes purity and will perfect for wedding. White nails are one of the brides' favorite manicures. Here we have a simple nail idea. All of nails are painted in white and adorned with a little glitter.  A manicure like this is chic and will suit everyone.

Simple White Nail Art


6.French Manicure with Diamonds

Next we have a french and diamonds mix manicure. These nails are long with almond shape. Each one nail is nude with white tips and rhinestones have been used to complete the look. Recreate this nail idea or you could try a version with square or coffin shape.

Trendy French Nail Design


7.Almond Nail Designs

The next nail idea is simple and classy. For this look, all of the nails are ombre that are white to nude. One nail is also adorned with rhinestones. This is a elegant nail art and it will suit for wedding and brides.

Almond Nail Designs


8.Purple Nail Art

Purple Nail Art


9.French Nail and Flower Nail Designs

French Nail and Flower Nail Designs


10.Glossy Purple Nail Ideas

Glossy Purple Nail Ideas


11.Pastel Swirl Nail Art

Pastel Swirl Nail Art


12.Cute Flower Nail Designs

Cute Flower Nail Designs


13.Light Blue French Tips Manicure

Light Blue French Tips Manicure


14.Abstract Nail Design

Abstract Nail Design


15.Abstract Nail Ideas

Abstract Nail Ideas


16.Purple and Floral Nail Design

Purple and Floral Nail Design


17.Pretty Nail Design

Pretty Nail Design


18.Cute Flower Nail Ideas

Cute Flower Nail Ideas


19.Matte Pink Nail Art

Matte Pink Nail Art


20.Light Green Nail Idea

Light Green Nail Idea


21.Long Almond Nails

Long Almond Nails


22.Long Coffin Nail Art

Long Coffin Nail Art


23.Simple French Manicure

Simple French Manicure