Pink, Grey and Purple Colors Combo Nails

We have a chic and elegant nail art idea. For this look, the nails are long and are painted in a pink, grey and purple shade. We love this long nail art and the color combination is one of favorites. This nails are combine with three colors and are perfect for fall. It is such … Read more

Simply Baby Blue Matte Nails

Here we have square simple baby blue matte nail. All of the nails have a same color and is easy to creat. These nails are medium length and square shaped. This simple and beautiful matte nails are a great idea to display fall nail. It is such a pretty and elegant idea and the matte … Read more

Black Pumpkin Nails Design

This nails idea is chic! Here we have short almond nails. Some nails are black and one is covered in coppery silver glitter. And there is one accent nail, too. The accent nail is white with balck pumpkin design and glitter. We love this nail design because add some autumn atmosphere to your fall nails … Read more

Orange, Green and Tortoise Shell Nails

Here we have a beautiful autumn nails idea. Some nails are One nails burnt orange and some are green. The others nails are tortoise shell design. Each one nails looks sparkle and easy to wear. The manicure is versatile as it can be match with any clothes such Sweaters, windbreakers, etc. These nails colors have … Read more

Short Nails Design

This a nail idea is so cute and pretty! Here we have black, red and white nails. It is short nail art. Black seaweed painting on white nails. This nail art is very simple and only requires black, white and red nail polish. Of course you can design your favorite pattern. This is a simple … Read more

Fall Leaf Nail Art Designs

Autumn come soon, we like to celebrate the fall season with pretty autumn leaf nail art! Here, we prepare fall leaf nail design for you. It’s almond shape and most nails are nude and have two accent nails. One is brown with dip powder nail and one nail is white with yellow leaf design. This … Read more

Maple Leaf Nail Art

This is a classic maple leaf nail art manicure and these nails are quite mid length and have a oval shape. As you can see all nails are matte with red and grey color. It suits everyone, looks amazing and matte nails be perfect for a fall. Matte nails are a huge trend this year … Read more