Matte Black and Gold Leaf Nails Design

Like a matte black nail art? if so, this nail idea is perfect for you. Here we have short square nails. All nails are matte black and have two accent nails. The accent nail is frosted black with gold flower art. Gold color and matte black is one of my favorite combos. because it will … Read more

Matte Black Round Nail Ideas

Matte nails are one of the most popular nail art. So, we brought you the balck frosted nail designs. Here we have short nails that are a matte black color. As you can see all nails are round shaped and are black with glossy balck French tips. There is a manicure that easy to create … Read more

Matte Black Coffin Nails

If you like both frosted nails and glitter nail art, then this idea for you. For this look, most of the nails are glitter balck and there are some accent nails. Two nails are matte balck with sparkly flame on tips and the rest are black with white square lattice. Matte nails are one of … Read more

White Nails with Flower Design

If you like white nails and floral art, then this nails idea is for you. As you can see, this nails are long and square shape. Two nails feature white and there is two accent nails. The accent nail is clear with flowers art. It is a simple nail idea and it will be great … Read more

Matte Black Almond Nail Art

Black is such a stylish and trendy color. Here we have beautiful almond nails and all nails are matte. For this look, all nails are matte black and there is one accent nail, too. The accent nail with red and yellow ombre flame. As you can see, it is a simple and elegant nail design … Read more

Black and White Nails Ideas

This time the nails are short and they are a trendy square shape. Each nail is white base with balck design on nails tips, root or side. Every nail design is different, so, you can design as you like. We love this chic and simple idea. Someideas like this is great for the ladies who … Read more

White Nails Design

This nail idea is so simple and pretty! This time we have mid length nails and each one is a simple white color. White is considered to be the color of perfection and is very suitable for wedding, as well as white manicure are suitable for wedding. If you love the white color, and you … Read more

Simple Short White Nails

If you like simple nail, then this white nail is sufit you. All of the nails feature white with many different color dot art and such as yellow, green red, blue and so on. The shape of each point is different and you can hand-paint beautiful dot and you don’t need a tutorial, create as … Read more

Matte Black Nails with White Lines

Matte Black nails looks elegant and stylish. If you want to create new nails must to try this nail idea. As you can see, this is a short and square nail design. All nails are black and have a accent nail with geometric figures composed of white lines. This black nail idea is simple and … Read more

Nail Art Ideas #1

This is a white nail design. White nail ideas is simple, elegant and there is a lot of person love it. Very simple white nail design made on short nails. The white gives the manicure an original, elegant look. White is a beautiful color choice for nails because it suits everyone and season. You can … Read more

Matte Coffin Nails Deisgn Idea

Sometimes you need a simple nails design. This nails idea uses matte black and white shade to create a beautiful, classy nail art. This is a short coffin nail art and three nails are matte black. On two accent white nails, draw simple black line or leaves. It’s a simple and more elegant version of … Read more

Shiny Black Sqaure Nails

Black is such a stylish and eternal color and it can be created by glitter and frosted. All nails are black and these nails are mid length and have a square shape. We love this one nails because it is easy to recreate. Black is such a glam color and will brighten up your look … Read more