23 Light Blue Nail Designs for a Trendy Spring Look

When consider about nail colors, there so many colors to choose. Such as simple white nails, classic nude nails, cute green nails, glam blue nails and more. It is understood, blue is one of the most popular manicure colors this season. You can use only blue or mix with other colors.

Blue manicure is available in so many different shades, such as light blue, bright navy blue and more. For spring season, light blue nails is the best ideas. You must be love pale blue manicure if you’re a nail lover.

We’ve got 23 of the best light blue nail designs for this season to give you some inspiration for your next nail design. Pick up some nails ideas as inspiration for next manicure. There are many light blue nails designs ranging from minimal to french tip. Decorate with some flowers or rhinestone, and you’ve got the trendy, beautiful nail art design.

1.Simple Short Nail Art

This is a simple nail design, it features short square shape nails. These all nails are painted in light blue. If you love simple manicure this nail ideas is for you.

Trendy Blue Ombre Nails


2.Almond Abstract Nail Design

The nail art is our favorite design. This manicure features long almond shape. All of nails are pink with pale blue abstract design. Each nail has a different design. This is a modern version french nails. Hope you love this nail idea.

Almond Abstract Nail Design


3.Ombre Blue Nail Idea

Next, we have a gorgeous nail design. For this look, these nails are quite long with square shape. All nails start with light and then the color change to nude. There are two accent nails that decoration with rhinestones.

Ombre Blue Nail Idea


4.Trendy Blue French Tip Nails

Next, we have a chic french manicure. These nails are long with coffin shape. The nails are glossy nude shade with light blue tips. These tips with blue outline. We love this nail art because it is easy to wear.

Trendy Blue French Tip Nails


5.Blue Ombre Nail

This is a blue ombre manicure. The light blue color on the top of the nail gradually blends into a darker blue toward the tip. The blue ombre nails is more suitable for spring than ombre white.

Blue Ombre Nail


6.Pastels Snowdrops Nails

This time we have a beautiful snowdrops nail designs. This is short square shape nails. As you can see, two of nails are painted in pastels blue, three of nails are painted in white with blue shade and snowdrops design. If you love snowdrops and you will recreate this look.

Pastels Snowdrops Nails


7.Cute Blue Nails with Flowers for Spring

Next, we have a hand-painted nails. You just need buy light blue, white and yellow polish to created this manicure. These nails are painted light blue and hand painted white and yellow daisy on top of each nail. The cute flowers can be achieved using the dot tool.

Cute Blue Nails with Flowers for Spring


8.Almond Nail Design

Almond Nail Design


9.Short Nail Art

Short Nail Art


10.Simple Ombre Nails

Simple Ombre Nails


11.Short Nail Designs

Short Nail Designs


12.Natural Nail Ideas

Natural Nail Ideas


13.Diamond Nail Designs

Diamond Nail Designs


14.Sparkly Nail Design

Sparkly Nail Design


15.Simple Almond Nail Art

Simple Almond Nail Art


16.Classy Pink Nail Design

Classy Pink Nail Design


17.White to Nude Ombre Nails

White to Nude Ombre Nails


18.Nude and White Ombre Manicure

Nude and White Ombre Manicure


19.Purple Ombre Nails

Purple Ombre Nails


20.Yellow Nail Design

Yellow Nail Design


21.Gorgeous Ombre Nail Art

Gorgeous Ombre Nail Art


22.Gorgeous Ombre Nail Art

Gorgeous Ombre Nail Art


23.Gorgeous Ombre Nail Art

Gorgeous Ombre Nail Art