Halloween Black French Nails

Love french and Halloween nail art? Then this nails idea is for you. Here we have a simple black french tip for Halloween. These nails are nude with pumpkin outline grid and black tip. In addition, each nail has cute white ghost. The nail idea is perfect for those who want to join in with … Read more

Simple French Nails and Mable Nails

Love french and marble nail art? Well, this manicure combo the two. Here we have french nails are marble nails. Most of nails are nude with white tips and there is a accent nail. The accent nail is white and pink marble with silver foil. Marble is another must-have nail trend and this is a … Read more

Black French Nails for Halloween

Love french manicure? Then this nail art is for you. Here we have a simple black french tip for Halloween. These nails are nude with black double french tips. Two of nails are with white ghost design. The ghost look so cool and they are perfect if you want a more halloween look. It is … Read more

Simple Olive French Nail Art

You can use any color with french manicure as french nail art compliments any other color beautifully. Next, we have the perfect example of that. This olive french nail art idea is one of our favorites. The nails are short and have almond shaped. Most nails are nude with olive tips while one nail is … Read more

Galaxy French Nail Art for Halloween

Galaxy ideas have become such a big nail art trend. This manicure shows how to wear galaxy and flame art beautifully. Here we have a short almond nails. All of nails are nude and some with black flame tips while some nails has abstract yellow tips. Each nail has galaxy art design and a nail … Read more

Gorgeous Brown Glitter French Manicure

Pumpkin color is a color for nail art that looks amazing for the autumn! This manicure is a great example of that. For this look, this manicure features white and short coffin nails. Three of nails are pumpkin color with rhinstones and two nails are nude with a glitter V french tip. We love this … Read more

Brown French Manicure and Leopard Print Nail Art

This nail idea is so pretty, glitzy and easy to wear. Here we have black french nails and leopard print nails. These nails are short and have square shape. Most nails are sparkly brown with black tips. There is one accent nail that with leopard. It is such a stunning nails idea and the rhinestones … Read more

Classy Matte French Nail Design

Are you looking for elegant and chic nail art. If so, this nail art is perfect for you. Here we have a glam french manicure. These nails are short with almond shape. This manicure features matte pink and with white tip. One nail has a reverse tip. This is a stylish and unique mani that … Read more

French Ombre Nail Design

If you are looking for glam nails that will wow, this idea is for you! Here we have a beautiful french ombre nails. These nails are long with coffin shape. Two nails start with a white and then the color changes to nude. The glittery nails are a combination of white and glitter. Give your … Read more

Pretty French Nail Design

This nail idea is feminine and stylish. Here we have a french nail art. These nails are mid length and have square shape. Three of nails are light pink with white tips and the other nails have a soft pink polish and colorful glitter. The nail colors combo is pretty and will suit everyone. We … Read more

Green and Flower French Nail Design

Today, we have trendy and modern version of French tips. Here we have a long almond nail design. All nails are nude with green abstract tips. Each nail has cute green flowers on the tip. As you can see, the tips with flowers look so edgy and stylish. This is a gorgeous and simple nail … Read more

Trendy Olive French Nail Art

Love french nail art? If so, you need to see this nail idea. Here we have olive and nude nails. This manicure features long coffin nails and each one has the same design. Each nail is nude with a large olive color tip. We love the olive color because it looks pretty and stylish. A … Read more