Blue French Nail Designs

Elegant French tip nails is becoming more popular. This is a glossy French nail designs and the nails are square round corners shaped. two nails are dark blue and sparkly, other nails are white with dark blue tips. This is a trendy and elegant design, which will make the classic French nails stand out. Many … Read more

French Tip Nail Designs

This one is a elegant french nails, and very easy to wear. Here all nails are nude and with striking black tip on each nail. For this look, black tips more trendy than white tip.

White French Tip Nails With Glitter

We would like to begin by showing you these simple french nails. As you can see, the nails are short and all nail are pink with white tips. A manicure like this is so easy to wear and it will suit everyone. White tips french nails will suit all nail lengths and shapes. Take a … Read more

Glossy Glitter and Red French Tip

Here we have a unique and glossy french manicure. This is a modern version of French tip. All of the nails are a light nude shade and each one has dark pink short and thin tips. This French nail art is so easy to wear, it will suit everyone and occasion. Add a pop of … Read more

French Nails with Colorful Tips

We have an edgy and glam french nail design to show you. This manicure are square round corners shape and all nails are sparkly nude with colorful french tips. All of the french tips have a different colors including white green, pink, yellow and orange. Of course, each color can be worn separately too. It … Read more

Simple French Nail Art

This is a modern version of French manicure. It is a coffin shape and it will suit any women. The chevron design and yellow tip will look beautiful. Most of the nails with same look and there is one accent nail. The accent nails decorated by black leaves and black line. It look so chic … Read more